Online QHHT, Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy

Sessions are now available Online Only - with Lorna Jackson via Zoom!

Do you want to schedule a Past Life Regression session but are unable to find someone in your area who has the training and experience to assist you in having a powerful experience?

A  Zoom Past Life Regression session may be your solution. Zoom sessions include video which makes the session as close to being in the setting clinic as possible. From the comfort and security of their own surroundings, clients from all over the world have been getting great results from online spiritual regression sessions with Lorna for many years.

How is hypnosis even possible over the internet?

Most people go into a hypnotic trance every evening in front of a screen, watching a movie or their favourite series, even during the day when they lose track of time while staring at their phone.

Online hypnotherapy is just as effective as face to face sessions there is no difference. Some people feel even more relaxed and comfortable working from their own home or office which can only add to a positive outcome as we work together. In fact, recent research backs this up and with one report concluding that online therapy leads to better progress and was more effective compared to face to face therapy. Similarly, a systematic review in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (Vol. 14, No. 4) stated that results “indicate that e-therapy seems to be at least equivalent to face-to-face therapy”.

What if the connection drops out?

As the internet has become more stable drop outs have become more rare. And even if this should happen you will have been given very clear and simple instructions beforehand.

During the many years I have been conducting online Spiritual hypnotherapy sessions many people have received a referral from their friends or family to see me for hypnotherapy. Some of these referral clients have been unable to see me face to face in my clinic either due to living remotely, in a different state or overseas. Others have children or jobs or other restraints and struggle to come and see me during my practice hours. Advances in telecommunications and information technology has enabled them to connect to me via Zoom and get the results they desired and you can benefit also from online sessions.

Advantages of online sessions:

  • Someone you trust has recommended me
  • Save time, money and energy on the commute
  • No hassle with car parks or public transport
  • You know you’ll be secure, comfortable and able to concentrate
  • Flexible days and times
  • Worldwide and interstate
  • I have worked with clients from around the world including, Malaysia, India, Ireland, New Guinea, UK, New Zealand.

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy Online Sessions

We have some specific requirements in order to schedule a Life Between Lives session over Zoom. We require that the client start with a Past Life Regression before they schedule the Life Between Lives session. If you really want to explore a Zoom Life Between Lives session, then this is the path that is required.

Guidelines for online sessions

There are a few things you need to know to get the most out of your session:

  1. You need a webcam and microphone and earphones.
  2. A session on a computer or laptop works better than on your phone.
  3. A good internet connection is a must, and other members of the household watching Netflix, gaming online, down- or uploading anything will compromise the bandwidth available to you. It’s best to make sure the available bandwidth is available to you.
  4. A quiet room where you will be undisturbed for the duration of the session. It is your responsibility to make sure that you will be undisturbed.
  5. You will get the most out of your session when you are sitting down reclining or lying down on a bed. Balancing your laptop on your knees or the armrest of your lounge is not suitable.
  6. When booking I will arrange a brief (10 minutes) zoom call to discuss your session and answer any questions you may have.
  7. Sessions are to be paid in advance.