Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are entities of light who exist in a very different dimension to us. They reside in the place we call the afterlife or the in between state the realm where we all go when we leave our physical bodies and the physical world. Often they meet are there to meet us once the soul leaves the physical body. They are mediators, helpers, teachers and mentors between worlds of physical being and non-being, of reality and unreality. These non-physical beings also accompany us on our journey to places in between waking consciousness and the realms of non-consciousness.

Some guides have lived lives on earth and we may have shared past lives with them. They are assigned to each individual souls to assist in their development. They are also spiritual advisors who are with us from birth and until death and they can come and go, often changing according to our needs and advancement.

Ascended Masters

At this level the Guides are extremely ethereal and exceptionally highly advanced and are known as The Masters, Elders and can be looked upon as the Hierarchy of Humanity. Just as in every physical situation, whether in the family, the work place or in the political arena, there are always those who command deep respect and lead the way, so the same applies to the spirit realms. The Hierarchy are the Observers and Masters of all the worlds, and their comprehension of the Cosmic Plan is far beyond our personal reasoning.

How to connect with your Guides

The meditative or hypnotic alpha or theta brain wave state allows us to focus and create a clear channel to receive communication from our spirit guides. When we are in this state our energy is raised to a higher frequency making it easier for spirit guides to make direct contact with us by way of telepathy, or through our senses, visual, audio, intuition, taste, smell, sound. We sometimes have to interpret their messages as some of their images need to be translated into our framework. They will use the easiest method to get their method through to you. An alignment of the electromagnetic fields of both guide and our soul ( subconscious mind) takes place to make this contact possible. Once these frequency vibrations rates match we can receive their communications.

As a result of contacting spirit guides you can expect:

  • To be enlightened spiritually.
  • Your compassion towards others will grow.
  • Your goals that may not have been attained in the past may be easier to be achieved.
  • You may experience physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing.
  • Increase your psychic abilities.
  • Others will be attracted to you because of your new and higher vibrational energy.