Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy


Afterlife exploration using modern hypnotic regression was first researched by Canadian Psychiatrist Joel Whitton, in collaboration with Joe Fisher. Together they wrote and published the first book on the subject in 1986 titled, Life Between Life. The concept of hypnotic regression to the afterlife was later popularized by Michael Newton in his book Journey of Souls, 1994.


What Happens at an LBL Session


An LBL session is not a Past Life Regression, but a separate session and this is explained on the PLR page. An LBL session is an extension of a PLR, because we do not stop the session at the death in the past life, we continue on and travel beyond death and into the afterlife. This is our spiritual home, the place where we all go when our soul leaves our physical body, the place between our lifetimes.

Traveling through the afterlife realms is similar to navigating through cyber-space, where you can easily travel around to explore the many places, such as soul learning areas, or a library where the Akashic records are stored, as Edgar Cayce mentioned in his many books. You may spend time with your personal guides, soul group friends, and much more. You may meet with spiritual beings such as the Elders or Wise beings where you are able to discuss promises, contracts or agreements you might have made in past lives, as well as in your current life, some that may no longer serve you. This experience can assist you to realise the power and choices you have now, even in challenging situations.


Why chose an LBL


So often we look for answers outside our selves, many people today look to psychics, tarot readers or mediums for the answers, these can help. However we are looking outside of our selves, when in fact all answers are within. An LBL session can help you to claim your own power by connecting with your guides and higher self, tap into your inner wisdom and soul memory. Experiencing your own permanent soul identity and the realms in which your soul resides can assist in answering the fundamental questions…

“Who Am I?” “Why Am I Here Now?” “Why did I chose this body?” “What is my life purpose”.

The Life Between Lives Regression (or Bardo State Work) is particularly helpful with :

  • Connect to spiritual guides, resolve relationships with those living, in spirit and especially the unborn.
  • Discover or review this life purpose.
  • Address or change a variety of intense decisions (vows, oaths, agreements, covenants, judgments) that currently hinder present life health, wealth, achievement, intuition, leadership, power and relationships.
  • Are terminally ill or have a fear of death.


The LBL Session


Fees & Payment

The Cost for a Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Session: $480.00 incl GST.


Preparing for your LBL Session


As preparation for your LBL you need to think about what questions you have for yourself in the soul state or for other spiritual beings we may meet. The questions may cover your life’s purpose, lessons to be learned, themes or key issues, relationships in this lifetime. Also bring a list of the most important past and present people in your life.